Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Give our customers exactly what they want by creating a product that has no compromises in quality or craftsmanship and do this using the best materials available at the lowest price possible!

Our Story

We have been creating custom one off PC parts for a number of years but never really thought about offering this service to the general public. This was mainly due to making these parts for personal builds and as such, these parts were only made as a one time use and would be different the next time around. It wasn't until a couple of years ago we were asked if we should start creating our custom extension and cable sets for anyone to buy. So, here we are...

Our Mission

We build each and every wire harness as if it were going in one of our own PC's. Lets face it, most people build things and pour countless hours into a project to make it the absolute best it can be because it's representing them and their skill. We take the same approach when building custom cable sets and extensions. We want the people who trusted in us enough to purchase our products to feel like we did our very best work. Each cable or extension set is 100% handmade and takes many hours to assemble. A full cable set can take as much as 8 hours to complete depending on how many colors are used, length of wire, and how many cables are needed. It's a very time consuming process but well worth it in the end. Each wire is cut to length, pins installed, and then sleeved. As the wires are completed they are then installed in one of the two connectors. Once the connector has all the wires needed, cable combs are then added. Once the cable combs are in place the final connector can then be installed. The last step is to test the cable to make sure the pin-out is correct by using a digital PSU tester. Once passed, the cables are then put through a final inspection and then placed into individual bags to ensure the cables wont rub against one another and cause any fraying or unwanted scratches on the connectors during shipment. We want your cables to be absolutely perfect when you receive them!

Our cables reflect who we are and as such why we devote so much time to make sure what you receive meets or exceeds your highest expectations. We look forward to building you, your very own custom sleeved cables!

Innovative Sleeving