Why us?

As PC enthusiasts, we possess a passion for pushing the limits. Our team has a combined knowledge that spans decades of building and modding custom PC's. We believe one of the most overlooked and understated aspects of the PC is the cabling. By adding custom sleeving to those otherwise ugly "ketchup and mustard" colored wires can turn your system into something to be proud of. Whether your rig is air or water-cooled, we can create a custom set of cables that will make any build worthy of putting on display. Every wire is covered using only the highest grade sleeving and comes in a multitude of vibrant colors. Unlike other sleeving companies, we will custom make whatever harness you require. Any length, any color, anyway you need it!

Form and Function

Our cable sets not only look good, they perform great too! Our 24, 8, and 6pin extensions and full length sets are made from high quality 550lb MIL spec paracord jacketing for a super tight weave that ensures no wire color bleed through and utilize 16awg stranded copper wire for superior conductivity. This maximizes current flow to the components that need it most such as GPU's and Motherboards.

100% Handcrafted

Our cable-sets are 100% handcrafted to exact specifications. We have very strict standards and believe that if something is worth doing it's worth doing right. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and one way we do that is attention to detail. Every cable is meticulously inspected before shipment for defects in; color accuracy, snags or frays, loose pins, melt points and so on to ensure that when you receive your new cables they look fantastic and provide power to your most prized PC components.